My Essentials: at home

I have been asked a lot what my favourite and most useful products are for making cooking/ feeding easier and enjoyable and in the end I realised there were really just three products that I would be lost without in the home when feeding the girls.



I absolutely love the RICE brand - colourful, fun and durable their melamine products are food safe  & BPA free as well as being dishwasher safe. The girls love the designs and my cupboards are slowly filling up with these wonderful products which are fantastic both inside and outdoors. The cutlery is also the perfect size for little hands and mouths and comes in the most  wonderful colour tones. Whatsmore they are a fantastic company and take social responsibility very seriously with an ethical approach to doing business which gets a big tick from me!



My husband jokes that I spend more time with my Magimix than him. He's probably not far wrong. Its a complete kitchen essential for me whether you have children (or not in fact). I use mine pretty much every day and they are simply the best on the market in terms of durability and versatility. I get so many messages asking me which food processor I would recommend and I will never tell you to buy anything but a Magimix [this is not an ad- I really do just think it is a fantastic product]. I brought the Mini Plus model when we lived in a small flat in central london without any children and although I pine after a bigger model sometimes the mini plus does everything I ever need and its going strong 6 years after I brought it with some seriously heavy usage!


Stokke STEPS highchair

We now have two of these beautiful  highchairs which are not only super comfy, light and easy to wash but they adapt with your child from newborn until c.4yrs. My daughters love them and the added bonus is that they look pretty damn nice next to our own  kitchen chairs.