Hi. I'm Lyndsay. British born expat living in Dubai, mum to 2 little ladies, chef and wife. 

I started @ieatmypeas when I was weaning my eldest daughter and I couldn't find any good websites with straightforward, easy to follow but interesting recipes for feeding children. So I decided to catalogue what I cooked for my daughter and essentially create a ‘cookbook’ of tried and tested recipes that didn't take forever to make, were nutritious, practical and, most importantly, tasty.

I'm a classically trained chef but my daughters are my toughest critic yet. Just like all children, they are prone to liking a food one minute and looking at it like poison another so I can assure you I am coming at this from just the same angle as you.

Feeding a young family is both daunting and exciting- from when and how to introduce solids, to combating the inevitable picky eating stage or when simply attempting to keep food on the table rather than on the floor- and that's all before you've even found the precious time to prepare fresh food!  I hope my recipes will help inspire you and allow your family to enjoy cooking and eating beautifully simple, fresh and nutritious food everyday without stress and minimal tantrums! 

Please don't hesitate to get in contact with any enquires- I always love to hear from you- just send an email to lyndsay@ieatmypeas.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Bon Appétit

Lyndsay, Madeleine & Esther x