3-ways with overnight oats

I love breakfast and I have been meaning to add a recipe for overnight oats for absolutely ages as its such a lifesaver to have something healthy, nutritious and totally ready to go in the mornings which are chaotic at the best of times! You can check out the base recipe here but I have also posted my top three flavour combinations which brighten up my family's mornings and get us ready for the day ahead. Happy breakfasting.


Red Berry + Coconut

This simple combo is so beautiful to look at and full of so many wonderful vitamins and nutrients to kickstart you and your family's body at the beginning of the day. My daughters particularly like it when I mash down extra berries and mix them through to make the oats turn a pale pink.


Cocoa + Date

This is a bit of a naughty combo for the morning but it looks and sounds a lot more unhealthy than it actually is- its fantastic made with nut milk or coconut water or standard cows for a really creamy flavour.  We often have this for weekend breakfasts or birthdays when you fancy a bit of a sweet treat! 


Apple + Cinnamon

The perfect combination for Autumn mornings. I like to heat this particular variation up as a feel the cinnamon benefits from being warm (plus your house is filled with the most divine smell. You can substitute the apple for pear and you will get an equally wonderful bowl of goodness.