Here are 9 products that I find endlessly useful when feeding my daughter:

Nuk Food Freezer Tray- if you are going down the puree route then these are perfect to freeze 30g or 60g portions and pop into freezer bags to be brought out as and when they are required. [Note: all the recipes for under 12 months are freezeable other than those that include egg or avocado.]

Stokke STEPS highchairthe luxury option but looks stunning (as far as high chairs go), super comfy and light and finally,  as with most of the Stokke products grows and adapts for your child's needs. If you want to opt for a slightly cheaper option then I highly recommend the Ikea ANTILOP highchair with trayone you will find in countless restaurants all over the world.

Magixmix Mini Plus- pretty essential although you can achieve the same job with a stick blender or alternatively Magmix Micro Chopper is more compact and less expensive

Skip Hop Tuck Away BibsI always have one of these (tucked away in its little pouch) in my handbag for on-the-go-food and lunches out as once you start the weaning process it appears that your entire day revolves around feeding and cleaning up the mess so between these two tasks I innumerably forget something and it used to be the bib! Thankfully no more. Easy to clean, lightweight and fun.

Advent Milk Powder Dispenser- if you exclusively breastfeeding you may not have found one of these necessary but these little pots, with the divider insert, make great containers for finger food. The  three compartments come in extremely useful when you want to give a wide variety of flavours in one meal- particularly if you are BLW.

Phil & Ted's Portable Lobster Highchair- this chair is fantastic- super light and packs up small enough that it fits in the bottom of your buggy or even your handbag! We take it everywhere with us just in case we are at a cafe with no highchairs or visiting friends with no, or older, children. Life saver.

Pack-it Freezable Lunch Bags- these freezable lunch bags fold up to the size of a paperback and can be popped in the freezer overnight - by the morning the sides are frozen and ready to keep whatever you need for the day chilled! I'd be lost without mine!

Boon 2-in-1 Feeding Spoons a friend recommended these as they are the perfect size for little mouths when you are just starting your weaning journey. They  have a good scoop and are the perfect length for feeding with. Madeleine also loved to play with them when she wasn't so keen on the idea of eating. [Note: my daughter now needs a bigger spoon that will help her feed herself but we have yet to find ones that warrant being included on the list so once I've found a set I am happy with I will post them!]

Tommy Tippee Weaning Pots- pop your portions straight into these handy pots which easily stack in the fridge, freezer or take straight out in your Pack-it lunch bag!