Hi. I'm Lyndsay. British born expat living in Dubai, mum to 2 little ladies, chef and wife. This is my blog and it catalogues my quest to make my daughters fall as in love with the world of food as I have by exposing them to all the wonderful tastes, textures and cuisines the world has to offer. 

I've worked as a professional chef but my daughters are my toughest critic yet. Just like all children, they are prone to liking a food one minute and looking at it like poison another so I can assure you I am coming at this from just the same angle as you.

Feeding a young family is both daunting and exciting- from when and how to introduce solids, to combating the inevitable picky eating stage or when  simply attempting to keep food on the table rather than on the floor- and that's all before you've even found the precious time to prepare fresh food! Armed with the knowledge and skills to cook creatively and resourcefully my recipes are designed to be quick, easy, nutritious and most importantly, delicious for all the family so even if your little one does turn their ever-so-cute little nose up you can enjoy your efforts! 

Bon Appétit

Lyndsay, Madeleine & Esther x